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These may be unusual injuries to the penis, but they are certainly not minor. 

Penile fracture

There is no bone in the penis, so this isn't a case of fracture of bone: it's a fracture of the wall of the erectile chamber. And it can happen in may ways: one man reported looking out of the window with an erection when the sash window slid down onto his erection. Another caught his morning erection between the seat and rim of the toilet bowl, and then stood up sharply. Yet another man with a large penis rolled over onto his night-time erection and fractured his penis while asleep. 

But the most common cause of the fracture is a penis slipping out of the woman during woman-on-top sex, and the woman then moving down onto the erect penis with her full weight, not realizing it has slipped out of her. There's a loud crack, an excruciating pain, and a lot of blood or bruising. It's an unmistakable injury....

....and one that needs immediate attention. A man with a penile fracture is in excruciating pain and will have a black-and-blue penis. If there's a large bruise but no obvious distortion of the penis, an ultrasound examination may need to be dine; otherwise, surgery is the best treatment. The faster this happens after the injury the better: if surgery is not done swiftly, fibrosis of the lining of the corporeal body can produce a bent erection and poor healing.

Blunt injuries

These are the result of a crush injury to the penis, such as something hitting an erection. In one case, a man rammed his penis into his partner's perineum when he was attempting to get into her vagina: the pain, he said, was momentary but excruciating. A small bruise formed on the end of the glans but quickly disappeared. Only eight months later did he suddenly notice a bend in the penile shaft on erection, resulting from fibrosis and scar tissue formation on the wall of the internal cavities of his penis. It had taken that long for the scar tissue to build up to the point where his penis finally appeared misshapen when it was erect. 

Foreskin trauma

So-called Zipper bite, when a penis is trapped in a trouser zip, may require excision of a bit of the foreskin. It's an extremely uncomfortable, if not painful, process.


In some Asian cultures it's popular for a man to have plastic or silicone beads implanted under the penile skin, to enhance sensation for the woman during intercourse. These can become infected or dislodged. 


Any erection that lasts more than two or three hours needs immediate attention from an experienced doctor, who can drain the blood and save the penis from gangrene. Such events are rare but can occur, for example, in men with sickle cell anemia, or where a constricting article remains fastened round the base of the penis. The moral is not to put your penis into anything you can't get it out of again!

Peyronie's disease

This is not a malignant condition: it's a bend or hour-glass-shaped constriction in the shaft of the erect penis. It mainly affects men between 40 and 60, and it occurs in about 1 man in 25 (perhaps many more. There is no reliable data).

The most common cause of the bent penis that appears in Peyronie's disease is trauma during sexual intercourse. Many sex positions and techniques put a great deal of pressure on the penis, causing small tears and wounds in the lining of the erectile chambers. As these heal, they form scar tissue, which may interrupt blood flow, causing erectile dysfunction, or perhaps causing the penis to bend at the level of the scar. The disease has an acute and a chronic phase: the majority of the bending and scarring occur during the acute phase.

Many treatments have been proposed, but the only one proven to be really effective is surgery. And the surgery is tricky - so it should be limited to men who have problems in penetration during intercourse. If you find yourself in the position of needing surgery for Peyronie's, try and find an experienced and competent surgeon, since the operation can have many unfortunate consequences if it it does not go well. These include numbness of the glans, hematoma, scarring, difficulty getting erect and so on. 

The best technique for repair involves plication, a procedure in which erectile tissues are pulled tighter on one side so as to compensate for the bend. This technology is also used for treating congenital bending of the penis, a rare but not unknown condition in young men.

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