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The extremely useful sex position called variously "The Scissors", the "Horizontal Cross," and "T-upside-down," is probably the best of all positions for many reasons, and particularly for the ease of manually exciting the woman's clitoris.

In this valuable "scissors" sex position, the man lies on his side, at right angle to the woman's torso and underneath her uplifted thighs, which rest on or hang over his upper hip.

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The legs of the partners are often crossed with each other, after the man's penis is fully entered vaginally, in such a way that both his legs are gripping her farther leg - the under leg if she is slightly on her side - while her nearer leg lies over his upper thigh.

The position of the four legs is then not unlike the capital letter W, or rather two V's crossing and combining with each other, the partners' genitals being at the bottom apex of the combined V's.

Note that for men who want to overcome erection problems, this gentle sexual position allows talking and removes pressure for the man to "perform", thereby offering a form of erectile dysfunction remedy which allows vaginal penetration with a semi-erect penis. This can be be very effective in restoring a man's sexual confidence.

The man can also lift the woman's near leg high, entirely up onto his upper shoulder (even up over his head and onto his lower shoulder), to facilitate his manual excitation of her clitoris; but the woman often feels spread-eagled and imprisoned, with one leg stretched so high while the other is gripped flat to the bed, and cannot take her mind off her legs to enjoy the sensations at her clitoris.

Expressed simply, the "scissors" position is really just the woman sitting on the man's lap, as though on a chair, facing either way. The couple then, as it were, tip the chair over sideways, so that the woman ends up lying on her back, the man on his side.

The "scissors" sex position can also easily be reached from the side-lying and kneeling sex positions for cunnilingus.

Sex positions photos

The basic man on top position illustrated

man on top man on topI

Deeper penetration

man on top

The pleasure of watching penetration


man on top man on top pleasure of watching man on top part legs man on top

Maximum intimacy

deeper man on top full sensuality man on top pull him close man on top

Woman holds the man close

man on top man on top

Man enters his partner from behind

man on top

Varying the angle of penetration

man on top man on top man on top man on top

Woman raises her legs

womans legs up man on top

woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top 

rear entry sex positions rear entry sex positions rear entry sex rear entry sex positions rear entry sex positions rear entry sex positions rear entry sex positions rear entry sex

basic positions - side by side


 In the side-lying sex position the man pulls his body up along under the woman's thighs, meanwhile pushing her hips downward along his body, fill their genitals are together.

n the kneeling sex position of cunnilingus mentioned above, the "scissors" position can be reached by the kneeling man's dropping his hips away from the woman onto their side, and pressing her hips downward along his body as he pulls her to him.

Again, these motions are to be done by both partners in unison, and in accord, smoothly, without any absurd hoisting and pulling of one's own or the other's body!

As Havelock Ellis said: "Sex is the dance of life." One of the other massive advantages of the side by side sex positions is the fact that the pressure on the man's penis is so much less than in other positions, thereby allowing the man to avoid premature ejaculation.

Among other advantages of the "scissors" position for intercourse is the ease - perhaps irrelevant here - with which it can be assumed from sexual positions where the man and woman are originally sitting or lying side-by-side. The woman simply leans somewhat away from the man, and lies back, lifting her thighs over the man's hip.

The man meanwhile turns to lie on his side facing her, and pivots down and around on his hip till his body is at right angles to hers. (Or he may pivot first, and then turn to lie on his side.)

The couple are now in the "scissors" sex position, as described above. As stated already, this sex position is remarkable for the ease and thoroughness with which the woman's clitoris may be simultaneously excited by the man's fingers or thumb during complete vaginal sexual intercourse, his hand approaching either from above or below her thighs.

For with her legs lifted and together while she lies in any way - whether supine on her back, or prone forward, or lying on her side, or kneeling - a woman's vulva is much more accessible from behind than from in front.

This is good for a man who suffers from early ejaculation, as already described, but it may not be so helpful for a man who needs more pressure on his penis before he can ejaculate, as for example, may be the case in  men who cannot ejaculate, in other words, who have delayed ejaculation (also called retarded ejaculation).

This is only to be expected, considering the mammalian heritage of the human being, since all other main animals without exception approach the female sexually from behind, and it may be assumed that human beings also did so at the beginning of their pre-history.

In addition, there is the case with which, in the "scissors" position, by stretching his torso just a little, a man of average height can simultaneously suck the woman's closer breast and nipple during complete vaginal intercourse.

Also the added advantage of requiring neither partner to bear much of the other's weight at any time.

It is therefore possible, and quite usual, for both partners to fall asleep after or during sexual intercourse in this sex position, both without discomfort during the first hours of sleep and without withdrawing the penis or re-arranging their bodies.

There are very few sex positions in which this is possible, the only other practical one being sexual intercourse from behind with both partners lying on their sides, "making spoons" together.

The only real disadvantage of the "scissors" position is psychological, in that it is practically impossible for the partners to kiss each other's mouth.

But it is not necessary for the two to breathe each other's breath, both during intercourse and in falling asleep afterward while remaining sexually joined. In sex positions where kissing is possible, it is generally necessary either to breathe the other partner's breath at all times, or to bury one's own face at one or the other side of the partner's face, so that kissing is not possible.

The necessary drawing of the partners' faces apart in the "scissors" position, which makes kissing almost impossible in it, also makes it the position of choice in erotic trios or minor orgies of one man and two women, since the man is able to engage vaginally with one woman in the "scissors" while performing cunnilingus on the other, his head being free.

In normal relationships, the "scissors" position is ideal for sexual intercourse out of doors or when dressed, since it can be achieved with ease on any flat surface, such as a bed, sofa, rug, or the ground, and with a minimum of disarrangement of the clothing.

The man need merely draw out his penis, and the woman pull up her skirt and push aside the cross-strip of her panties - if she is wearing any, which, after all, she need not.

The "scissors" sex position is also ideally suited for love-talk, since the partners' heads are, in fact, fairly close, though not together; and if the woman turns her head downward on its side, to face the man, the couple are gazing directly into each other's eyes. This also makes possible the close observation of the other partner's face at the paroxysm of orgasm, which many lovers are eager to watch; whereas, in face-to-face sex positions, the heads are often too close for correct focus.

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