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The simplest sex position is the missionary position, where the woman lies on her back with legs apart. The man lies on top of her, facing her, as he enters her.

There's a good reason why the man on top position remains one of the favorites for all couples being used by more couples more often than any other sex position: it's powerfully erotic, providing the man with a real sense of domination and masculinity.

It also allows the woman to be open and vulnerable to her man's attention, giving her a sense of yielding to her man and fulfillment as she sees the power of her femininity to arouse and excite him.

On a practical level, the man on top position is infinitely variable: slight alterations in the angle of the woman's legs, or changes in the angle at which the man's erection approaches her vagina, or raising the woman's hips on a pillow.

All of these variations, and more, can provide excitement, novelty and the pleasure of different physical sensations.

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The basic man on top position illustrated

man on top man on topI

Deeper penetration

man on top

The pleasure of watching penetration

man on top man on top pleasure of watching man on top part legs man on top

Maximum intimacy

deeper man on top full sensuality man on top pull him close man on top

Woman holds the man close

man on top man on top

Man enters his partner from behind

man on top

Varying the angle of penetration

man on top man on top man on top man on top

Woman raises her legs

womans legs up man on top

Varying the man on top sex position

It's true that most of variations on the basic man on top position are about the woman altering the angle of her legs. In particular, she can draw up either one or both of her knees towards her chest, or she can wrap her legs around her partner's waist or even put one or both of her legs over his shoulders.

Some of these alterations in the position require her to be fairly supple and reasonably fit, but the effect of all of them is to alter the angle of her pelvis, and thereby change the orientation of his penis as it enters her vagina.

This means that the sensations each partner gets will be different, and it also means that in some positions the man can penetrate much deeper (which is extremely pleasurable to most men, and many women).

Deep penetration is generally achieved when the woman lays on her back with her knees as far up as she can get them towards her chest.

She may even have her feet on either side of her partner's head. It's a shame that the excitement and power of this position depends so much on the woman being supple for if she has back problems, it's not generally a good idea to try sex positions such as this (i.e. the ones that you might think the verge on the acrobatic!).

Nonetheless, in all face-to-face sex positions, it's possible for the man and the woman to kiss, and the large amount of bodily contact the positions allow can be both erotic and very affirming of the couple's love and affection for each other.

For deeper penetration when the woman isn't able to raise her legs all the way back towards her chest, a pillow under her buttocks is very helpful.

 However, remember that deep positions excite men more, so they are not good for controlling rapid ejaculation - if you want to know more about the effects of PE, then it's better to have the woman on top and slow things down.

In the man on top position, it's helpful for both partners to see what they're doing while they're making love, which may mean the man leaning back with his legs in a different position: moved forward so that they are adjacent to the woman's chest.

It can be very arousing to caress and stimulate your partner by using your hands and fingers beyond the genital area. The man might, for example, stroke the woman's belly, or run his fingers along the inside of her thighs as he thrusts.

The best variation of man on top for the woman to reach orgasm during intercourse is the coital alignment technique.

Woman on top sex positions

Woman on top sexual positions can be very exciting for a couple because the whole rhythm and interaction between the man and the woman changes when the woman is "in charge".

For one thing, she can ensure that she gets stimulation to the parts of her body that will excite her most in particular her clitoris and she can control the rhythm and pace of sex so that she teases her man in a way that he will find extremely exciting.

Men who always feel the need to be in control during sex may find the woman on top position to be a huge relief - it allows the woman to take charge and to determine the exact position in which a couple make love.

When a woman takes the role of the partner on top, she can tease her man sexually - an ancient feminine skill which all women love to employ! - and drive him to the very edge of wild desire by stimulating his penis with her vulva and then withholding penetration of the very last moment.

On a more practical level, the woman on top position allows a woman to control the exact angle of entry of the penis into her vagina by altering the angle of her body against her man's, either by leaning forwards or backwards, so that she gets the sensations which give her the greatest pleasure during intercourse.

Not only that, but she has ample opportunity to enjoy her own pelvic thrusts, and vary the rhythm and form of movement in the way that pleases her most....

Woman on top sex can be a very erotic position, in which a woman can give her man even greater stimulation by brushing her breasts gently against his chest as she makes love to him.

The fact that her legs are firmly planted on the bed gives her a firm base from which to thrust, and she can even hold her man's arms down in a little bit of dominance role play.

woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top woman on top 

Variations of woman on top sex

To take this position one step further, the woman can actually lay on top of the man, which can be very comfortable for both partners if, as is usually the case, the woman is lighter than the man.

The woman can lie with her legs either inside or outside her partners' as the couple make love; alternatively, she can even try putting one leg inside and one line outside of his.

All of these positions will alter the pressure and angle of her vagina on his penis, thereby giving both of them different sensations and potentially greater pleasure during intercourse.

As the woman moves on him, her man can enjoy fondling her back or her buttocks, perhaps even holding her hips and adjusting her movements to give him even more pleasure.

For men who come quickly during intercourse, woman on top can be a very helpful sex position, because the female partner has the ability to slow down the rhythm of sex or even stop moving completely when a man approaches orgasm: this can actually be a powerful and effective way of stopping premature ejaculation and discovering how it is possible to last longer in bed for men.

In one variation of the woman on top sex position, the couple lie with the woman on top, chests together, and the woman's feet on top of the man's feet.

This is reputed to be a very sensual position, and one in which a couple can enjoy relaxed lovemaking where there is no pressure on the man to perform. This can be enormously helpful to men who feel obliged to satisfy their partner during every sexual encounter.

When a woman is on top, facing away from her man, it's very easy indeed for her to reach down to stroke or stimulate the base of his penis and his testicles as he thrusts into her, or even to masturbate him if he withdraws from her vagina.

When she's facing forward while sitting astride him, she can reach down between his legs and stimulate his anus with a fingertip, or stimulate his perineum if he prefers.

A woman on top variation is for her to face away from her man as he lies on the bed. To get into this position, a woman needs to sit astride her man facing his feet and guide his erect penis into her vagina.

After she's done this, she can lean backwards and support herself on her arms or she can remain sitting upright in either case, the man has a good view of her buttocks. Also, he can easily reach round to stimulate her breasts and clitoris by hand, which can make the position very exciting for both of them.

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Rear entry sex positions

We all know it's highly erotic and very arousing for a man to enter his partner from behind: the sight of her buttocks, parted, with her vulva open to view as he penetrates her is extremely arousing for a man who is visually stimulated (which is probably the majority of men).

For women, rear entry sex provides the exciting sense being penetrated from behind in a slightly earthy, sexual, lewd, whatever you call  it, way: this means that the woman can express this aspect of her sexuality, which might not be so easy to do when making love in the "good girl" position man on top.

During rear entry sex, a woman can also reach round between her legs, which gives her access to the man's testicles for additional stimulation and if she reaches round the outside of her thighs she may be able to stimulate his buttocks and perhaps even his anus as he thrusts which he may find very exciting.

In this position, it is extremely easy for the man to reach round and stimulate the woman's clitoris.

rear entry sex positions rear entry sex positions rear entry sex rear entry sex positions rear entry sex positions rear entry sex positions rear entry sex positions rear entry sex

Side-by-side sex positions

These sex positions are both very exciting and very relaxing; they allow greater intimacy and make it easy for partners to kiss and cuddle each other while making love.

The best way to enter the side-by-side position is to start in the conventional missionary or man on top sex position, and then to roll onto your sides previously having agreed which way you're going to roll!

In addition, it is necessary for the woman to raise one of her legs up so that it's level with the man's hip before they roll onto that side.

Side-by-side sex is also great for men who wish to control premature ejaculation because there is much less pressure on the erect penis than there is in the man on top or rear entry sex position. This means that a man can often last much longer during side-by-side sex while still giving great pleasure to his partner.

But in essence it's the romance of the position which pleases most women, and the ejaculatory control that can be gained which pleases most men.

It's not one of the sex positions that most couples employ a great deal but it comes highly recommended, and if you haven't already tried side by side romance, it's well worth experimenting with.

basic positions - side by side

Other variations of man on top

The man stands in front of his partner, and she has her legs over the edge of the bed. With her legs lifted upwards and resting against him, this is called the butterfly position. This can also be adapted as a kneeling position.

She lies on her back. He stands and lifts her pelvis for his penis to penetrate her. Or she may rest her legs on his shoulders as he pushes his penis into her.

She lies on his or her back, legs pulled up straight and knees near to her head. He holds her legs and penetrates her with his penis from above.

Or her legs need not be straight - he can wrap his or her arms around her to push her legs as close as possible to her chest.

The coital alignment technique involves the man penetrating his partner with his penis vaginally in the missionary position and then he moves upwards forward so that the base of his penis stimulates her clitoris.

She can cross her feet behind her head while she lies on her back. Her partner then holds her tightly around the ankles and lies on her full-length.

Variations of penetration from behind

A variant of the "doggy style" position - she is on all fours with her chest horizontal. He inserts his penis from behind. He may also hold her hair for excitement.

In a variation on the doggy position, her chest is angled downwards and her buttocks are in the air. He raises his hips  for easiest penile penetration.

In another variation, he places his feet on each side of her while he keeps his knees bent and moves up as high as possible while he maintains penetration. His penis may need to be manually held as he enters her.

Alternatively she may kneel upright and he may gently pull the receiving partner's arms towards them.

Variations of side by side sex

In the spoons position the two partners lie on their left or right side facing in the same direction.

She lies on her side. He kneels and enjoys penile penetration from behind. Alternatively, he can stand if she is on a raised surface.

She lies face down, possibly with her legs spread to expose her vulva. He lies on top of them, and she may have a pillow beneath her  hips to help him get his penis inside her. 

She lies face down, knees together as he lies on top with his legs spread. She lies on her side with her upper leg forward as he kneels astride her lower leg.

One of the most popular sex positions allows a couple to enjoy themselves with a relaxed posture for sex that still provides lots of excitement for both the man and the woman while keeping them relaxed. The woman lies on her side with her legs in a kind of scissor position, one knee drawn higher than the other, so that her vulva and anus are exposed. The man kneels behind her and then enters her in a kind of side entry from the rear - it's hard to describe but easy to do. You can see an illustration of it here.

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