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Pleasing A Woman in Bed

Guys, it isn't difficult to really please your woman in bed and give her great pleasure. If you doubt that, check it out here.

This site will help you understand what your woman wants and what you must do when pleasing a woman so that you really satisfy her which, of course, means bring her to orgasm.

affectionate heterosexual coupleRegard your woman as a work of art or at least, regard her body as a work of art!

Treat it with as much care as you would a priceless masterpiece. And if you're experiencing some difficulty pleasing her in bed, then it may be time to identify what's causing your difficulty and why it's such a challenge to please her.

To start with you must control your desire to enter her and thrust away till you reach orgasm. That may or may not take you a lot of control, depending on how sophisticated you are as a lover, but I can assure you that the outcome will be more than worth it in terms of the delight and satisfaction that you get. And, of course, the pleasure and satisfaction which your partner gets.

So here are our simple tips as you work your way through the conundrum of femininity that can lead you to euphoric pleasure and her too.

1 Remember that women are often more emotional and romantic than men.

Which means gross male behavior isn't attractive to a lot of women. What counts is treating her as though she is something special. That, by the way includes sexual situations. Sure, a woman might want her hair pulled or her ass slapped, but there is a delicate and sensitive way of finding out before you do it.

Before things get hot and sweaty, try a simple display of affection first! Kissing, holding her gently but firmly and caressing her body are likely to arouse her. Being affectionate doesn't have to lead to sex. In fact, for a woman, being affectionate makes her think that you want more than sex you want a relationship with the whole woman.

And to her that means romance and love, which will be more than enough to open up her body to you as well as her mind. And when she's open to you emotionally as well as physically, you'll both enjoy better sex and get a lot more pleasure from each other in bed.

2 While it might be nice for you to believe that a woman can be turned on like a machine, the truth of the matter is you can't just jump on her and ride her like a bicycle.

And that's especially true today, in a world where she has so much on her mind in fact just as you do, but she probably isn't as good at mentally putting things down and focusing on sex as you are.

You may well focus more on sex with her than she does about sex on you. When she's thinking about the kids and dinner and the housework and her jobs, she's going to need time to decompress before she wants pleasuring. That's a great reason to make love to her out of bed - long before you get sexual. Be romantic and then, when you do get into bed, just remember to spend loads of time on foreplay.

3 Foreplay is a great way to arouse a woman.

In fact foreplay can be a source of great pleasure in its own right. Oral pleasuring is a way that both of you can enjoy a great deal of sexual pleasure without the stress of intercourse (penetration is no small thing, even when women like and want it!)

For example, you might find that a woman is delighted to pleasure you by giving you oral, either as a beautiful way of arousing you, or as a pleasurable technique in its own right. If so, make sure you pleasure your woman in bed by giving her oral satisfaction if she wants it as well.

In fact, the golden rule here is to be considerate and gentle. If things get a bit more arousing and you feel intercourse might naturally follow, don't assert yourself too hard to get it. Try and enjoy the simple pleasure of being in bed with her. For a woman, being in bed with a man is a more pleasurable experience when he sensitive to her needs.

By the way - foreplay does not include sending her an unsolicited dick pic.

4 On the subject of consideration, remember the vagina is not as tough as you might think.

Hang nails, jagged fingernails, and hairy face rasping on it  are not attractive to a woman. What she wants is a well-groomed man sweet breath and nice smelling balls (and penis for that matter too).

5 You've heard it all before, but it's worth repeating again: kiss, lick, and stroke her all over the body and then do it again.

And only when she's beginning to look like she's starting to lubricate and starting to get aroused does she want you to head for her vulva, clitoris or vagina.

Think of giving her a massage. For a woman, having a man diving straight in her vagina before she's aroused can be really uncomfortable. So think of gentle strokes up and down her body, perhaps with oil - like a massage. See which parts of her body respond, and above all don't treat like the woman in the last porn movie you were watching unless she's consented to that.

6 A woman is often not sure about what pleases her.

Video - what do women want in bed?

Women may not know what they want from one session of sex to the next, and sometimes even in the same session of sex from moment to moment.

One good way to find out is to help her explore her own body to find the ways in which she is most likely to get pleasure so that you and she both have an idea of what you need to do to bring her to orgasm.

If she's shy and retiring, and finds difficulty in sharing this with you, then you can gently ask her as you're making love. The idea is to find what excites her most, and then to pleasure her in the way that she appreciates most. Keep in mind that your consideration for her well-being will be repaid many times over in her desire to show love and appreciation to you, and make your happiness complete.

7 And in the context of finding out what brings a woman pleasure, remember that the clitoris isn't the only part of a woman's body that is distinctly pleasurable.

A woman has erogenous zones all over body just as you do, in fact. That could be her neck, the small of her back, buttocks, and obviously her lips and mouth and breasts.

You need to find out which of these are going to put h your woman into a place of arousal by delicately exploring them and seeing how she responds.

Don't overlook her G spot either. It is a pleasure point, and in some women stroking it can produce intense orgasms. If your penis curves up, then you want to make love in the man on top position so that the curve of your penis will massage the G spot (which is on the upper wall of her vagina she lies in the back).

If your penis curve downwards, then you might want to make love in the rear entry position so that your penis is more likely to hit her G spot. Whatever position you choose, the idea is to maximize the chance of hitting her G spot and giving a whole-body orgasm.

8 One of the perennial topics, even now, in this so-called enlightened age is about oral pleasure.

Some couples absolutely love oral pleasure, but some people only do it because they want to please their partner.

If your woman is having difficulty accepting the idea, try and find out what's turning her off it. Perhaps an experience in the past has upset her, or maybe she's not had an experience of oral pleasure in line with her standards or expectations.

Don't forget that open and honest communication during sex is one of the best ways to achieve mutual pleasure. It's also a good thing to do anyway, because it brings you closer together and makes you feel more intimate.

So try and be as open and honest as you can with each other, so that she can learn the art of fellatio and you can perfect the art of cunnilingus. That way you both have the maximum chance of bringing each other to pleasure.

These few simple ideas and principles will help you to ensure that a hard to please woman can find real pleasure with you. And if you spend time focused on pleasing her, she will most definitely do the same for you - many times over.

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