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An Illustrated Guide To The Penis

This page has all the types of penis that you might not have seen before - there's nothing that's really out of the ordinary in the wonderful world of the penis. Thanks to the guys who sent these pictures in. Whatever you have really is normal!

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Hooded foreskin resulting from hypospadias

Bent / curved penile shaft


Phimosis (tight foreskin) (Right hand image shows webbed skin between shaft and scrotum as well)

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Paraphimosis (what may happen if you don't get phimosis sorted out - the glans dies due to poor circulation)

View of glans with prominent lips around the urethral opening

Webbed penis


Large testicles


Long foreskin

Normal foreskin in all its many variations

Skin bridges between glans and shaft - result of botched circumcision


Circumcision scars

Small penis size


Tight scrotum

Keratinised glans

Other variations of the glans

Loose testicles

Fordyce spots

Pearly penile papules

Close up view of the frenulum (left) and "Frenulum Breve" (short frenulum) (right)

      Double urethral opening


Variations of the urethral opening

Piercing and other decoration


Jelly in ejaculate (this is normal)

Becoming erect

Uncut masturbation

Unequal testicles (this is normal)

Rotation of penile glans or head with respect to shaft (this is common)



Wrinkled skin on penile shaft (normal)