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Find out how middle aged men may develop sexual problems including ejaculation problems here.

Midlife Crisis In Men

Weíve all heard the jokes about midlife crisis in men. When you hear this term, you likely think of an older man racing down the road in a sporty little Corvette with a woman young enough to be his daughter by his side.

Nothing is further from the truth. Many men go through a mid life crisis without doing anything this drastic. Not all midlife crisis symptoms are the same and there are a number of myths that surround a crisis of this type. Itís time to learn the truth so you can get through this stage of life and move forward.

Men, as a group, are successful. There are degrees of success in men and not all men achieve the same level. You need to realize that these dreams may never come true. This can lead to a sense of failure. Donít let it take over your life.

Even men who have achieved their dreams feel a sense of loss at this stage. Grieve for a period of time and move on. You need to live life in the present and make new dreams for the future.

Men of all age are strong and manly. You are growing older and this is a fact of life that must be accepted. You are going to show wear and tear. Thereís no avoiding this. Realize that you can still be strong and manly, just in a different form.

Most likely you are more patient and kind to others. Your perspective changes. Learn to embrace your tenacity and style while giving full credit to your wisdom and knowledge. You likely didnít have these when you were younger and brawny. Youíve just changed one set of values for another and it works.

When you achieve the goals you have set for yourself in terms of work, you will be happy. Nothing is further from the truth. You may actually come to the realization that reaching the top of your field isnít what itís cracked up to be.

Your beliefs are in conflict with your feelings. You need to determine what it is you want to do and go for it. Take these earlier dreams and modify them in a way that works with your current life.

Now that you know these three key myths about middle age, move forward and live life to the fullest. Plastic surgery isnít needed to express yourself. Speak up, but do so with tact and others will appreciate your honesty. You donít need to become a doormat, but be more assertive and show that you have feelings too.

Enjoy life to the fullest and try new things. Even small changes in your life can make a huge difference in how you view the world around you. For this reason alone, a midlife crisis can be a good thing.

A very useful resource on sexual matters can be found here: and here - these sites are sure to have some advice which will help you prevent sexual difficulties in midlife.

What IS The Mid Life Crisis?

Some men reach a certain age in life when it sinks in that they are mortal and that their lives are ultimately limited. This can be a difficult adjustment for anyone. For a man who has been working hard to achieve goals that he realizes are still far out of reach, however, it can be particularly difficult.

The experience of Mid life crisis in men is natural and not uncommon, and there are ways that you can make it easier on yourself.

You should first consider whether you are experiencing a problem that you can comfortably handle alone. Many men need no help at all to make it through this process. For some, it can be valuable to speak to a therapist. This is particularly true if the mid life crisis symptoms rise to the level of depression.

Still, there are things that you can do on your own. One of the most important steps you can take is to be willing to reframe what success means in your life. It is not uncommon to come up with goals that you want to achieve when you are still very young and inexperienced and then never really question them again.

If you are questioning your life because you never achieved a degree you had expected or reached a particular rank in your company, you should consider how meaningful these achievements are to you now. It may be that you did not complete them simply because they were not truly important to you compared to the other paths open to you.

What you really need to do is to give yourself a chance to grieve anything that you feel you have lost. After that, you need to evaluate what your new mission in life is going to be. Given where you are now, and what you care about in the present, what path do you want to pursue? It may turn out to be nothing like the dreams you had as a child or as a teenager, and that is all right.

A mid life crisis is often fundamentally an experience of realizing that you do not have the life that you expected, and you are furthermore unlikely to attain it. When you really take a close look at what is happening, though, you may very well realize that you left that course because there were other options that were more fulfilling.

The trick is to get past the expectations that you have placed on yourself so that you can create a new set that is much more in line with your current values.

Retarded Ejaculation

One of the compelling aspects of the mid life crisis is a diminution of sexual potential.

Medical researchers have long been acquainted with delayed ejaculation and the names commonly used to identify this condition probably represents in some part, the scientific communityís developing attitude to this function: ejaculatory incompetence, ejaculatory over-control, retarded ejaculation, and finally delayed ejaculation.

The evolving nomenclature represents, at least in my mind, a slowly increasing level of respect for the men who are having relationship issues with their partners owing to their unique ejaculation patterns during sex.

Interestingly enough, most of the delayed ejaculation sufferers are able to climax normally when they are masturbating. Given this fact, scientists suggest that there may be a correlation between a coupleís relationship status with failure to achieve orgasm and ejaculate in the course of engaging in sexual intercourse. However, one must exercise an ample dose of skepticism when seeking an explanation that lies in the dynamics between a couple.

Itís highly likely that a manís apparent inability to ejaculate during oral sex with a partner, intercourse with a partner, or even masturbation by a partner, merely represents the fact that none of these arrangements provide a heightened degree of stimulation that a man may have learned to apply to his own penis while pleasuring himself.

Certainly, anyone can condition his own body to react to higher levels of stimulation, so itís always wise to establish whether or not the problem in ejaculating simply lies in the fact that the man is able to apply hard, rough, or high-frequency handling during self pleasuring, in a way that is not simulated during actual sex with another person.

Thereís reason to believe that if this is the cause of the aberration, the remedy will lie in a physical reconditioning of the body, the penis and the brain, to acquiesce to a slightly different form of stimulation that can ultimately result to an orgasm during sexual intercourse.

As is often the case, therapists and counselors often take the view that the relationship is often the cause of the condition.

And it certainly can be. I have been acquainted with many couples in which a gradually rising level of hostility has diminished intimacy to the point where a man no longer finds gratification in intercourse, and sees it as a burden, whilst simultaneously finding himself powerless to reach out to his partner and begin a mature dialogue to find a mutually agreeable solution to these difficulties.

And even if there isnít resentment, anger, or any other emotion on the part of the man towards the woman, there may well be a specific kind of personality which is predisposed to delayed ejaculation.

Based on the latest scientific journals, this individual type is most certainly a person who is somehow disconnected to his own process of sexual arousal, who frequently is unaware of how aroused he is while doing sexual activity, who regards sex with his partner as some obligation for which he is responsible, who sees his partnerís pleasure during the act as his own responsibility, and who is convinced that the womanís pleasure must be considered before his own and is the priority during sex.

These men often, whether intentionally or not, regard themselves as the ďworkhorse of sexĒ, laboring away (pointlessly at times) to steer the sexual intercourse to a satisfying conclusion.

An interesting observation in this kind of set-up is that the majority of the partners of males suffering from this anomaly tend to be disinterested when it comes to sex, and have an expectation that itís the male who is obligated to bring them sexual pleasure.

As a matter of fact, they are of course responsible for their personal orgasm. In such cases, itís absolutely advantageous to be able to re-educate a couple and make available some actionable sexual information. Approached in this manner, their ideas and attitudes about sex and sexual pleasure can be now closely aligned with reality.

Finally, it is noticeable that males who have this type of subservient sexual profile often lack awareness of their personal level of arousal. Often there appears to be some kind of disconnect, or a blank space, in the sexual experience, in such a way that they have come to associate their internal process of sexual pleasure with the outside process of having sexual intercourse with another person.

To put it simply, their internal sexual paradigm somehow doesnít serve as a source of sexual arousal and pleasure: they are marooned in a debilitating cloud of sexual confusion in which they try to engage in sexual intercourse minus all the requisite emotional and physical tools that are important for it to be an enjoyable and intimate experience.

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