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Penis problems

There are some male problems which need separate pages of their own. Some of them relate specifically to the penis, others to issues of maleness or masculinity.

This is a page about penis problems. You're more than welcome to submit your penis problem - or, for that matter, any enquiry about sex, male sexuality, sexual health or anything that may be on your mind. You may receive a private email reply, and though your enquiry may be featured on this page, your personal details will never be revealed without your permission.

Penis problems (visit the question and answers by clicking on the link):

My penis is too small / too large / I live with a guy with a small cock

A tight penile foreskin - phimosis & paraphimosis

Erection problems - young and old men, and weak urine stream

The penis, hypospadias, urethral abnormality

Torn frenulum - frenulum breve

Problems with the penis - My penis is twisted

Questions and answers about penis problems

Peyronie's disease, sensitive testicles, sensitive glans

The non-erect penis: erectile dysfunction

The male mid life crisis - effects on a man's penis and hormones

Yeast Infections

I need a reliable and effective way of stopiing PE - a premature ejaculation cure that works!

My penis is too large / too small
My foreskin is too tight
Problems with arousal
I can't get an erection
Urethral opening abnormal
Torn frenulum - breve
My penis is twisted
Erectile dysfunction
Penis problems solved!
Andropause & mid-life crisis
Penile problems & injuries
Yeast Infections
Sex addiction & obsession
Sexually transmitted infections
Testosterone declines with age


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