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There's some profound and wonderful information on the Internet about manifestation, and some of it's been expressed no better than by Teal Swan.

Just have a look at this amazing video which describes how you can use the power of sexual energy and orgasm to help in manifesting whatever it is you want in life.

Video - sexual energy and manifestation

If you thought that sex is just about some transitory pleasurable sensations at orgasm, then think again sex is very fundamental to every aspect of our existence on this planet, and our identity as human beings.

You might have heard of Tantric sex, which is a method by which people can establish a spiritual connection to the universe, and experience something beyond themselves.

Well, in the same way, using the power of sexual energy, you can create a connection with the universe that goes beyond yourself, and establish a connection with the universal energy which is responsible for the co-creation along with you of absolutely everything which surrounds you in your world today. See this on sexual manifestation.

Now this may sound like a bizarre idea, but when you think about things that are generally recommended as essential components of the process of manifestation, I'm sure you'll be well aware that top of the list is always the need for intense emotional energy to drive the process.

If you think about it, using the power of sexual energy to drive this process is absolutely no different it's just a different manifestation of your own internal spiritual and emotional energy.

So orgasm can be used as a propellant for learning the art of attracting reality and indeed, when it comes to creating and making your life as you want it to be, you are the one who needs to find the energy to drive the process.

So Teal Swan has a very good video, which I referred to above, about using sexual energy for manifestation.

But in addition, she's produced an absolutely excellent video which I want to reproduce here all about how you can manifest money it contains absolutely everything I've ever believed to be true about the process of manifestation, and it says it in a clear and simple way.

Manifestation - video

I mean, fundamentally, the reason most people can't manifest anything whether it be a relationship, or financial wealth, or success in some field of human endeavor or another is that they are not operating from a place of positive self belief.

To put this another way, if you wanted a relationship, then it would be necessary for you to have certain beliefs about your desirability and attractiveness to potential partner before you could establish the relationship you want.

You may well want a relationship, but if you believe yourself to be a person of low self-worth, only worthy of being treated badly, then you will attract somebody who is going to behave towards you in exactly that way.

You see, the universe is not able to make decisions about what you get all it can do is respond to the vibrational energy which you are putting out into the environment around you and it's that which controls manifestation of your reality.

To get a good sexual relationship, or a worthwhile relationship with a partner, what you need to put out is an energy that says "I'm bright and attractive and  worthwhile, and I deserve something very good and fulfilling that will bring me great joy."

Now this may sound quite challenging, so I'd like you to take a few moments to look at Teal's video (see above) which you can see on this page. Although this is about money, you could substitute any other desired objective - a relationship, material goods, attitude of mind, even the ability to control premature ejaculation(!), and the video would still be just as applicable.


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