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Pre-ejaculatory fluid (aka pre-cum)

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I never understood what the Cowper's glands I learnt about in high school biology were for. That is, until I spent an evening kissing and cuddling my first girlf on the sofa. After about an hour she pointed to my trousers and asked what the dark wet patch was....pre-cum, that's what. It was a new discovery for me, because my masturbating tended to be over so quickly that there wasn't time for the pre-cum to show itself. Since then, I've got more accustomed to it. Somehow the volume seemed to grow as I got more sexual experience. Not that I ever produced a lot - I think most men don't. (Though I knew a guy in college who produced so much that the whole of the front of his briefs were drenched - it was like a hosepipe!)

I quite like it, really. Fortunately, so does the loved one. She tells me it tastes sweet. How flattering. But what does it do? That's the question.

The answer is that it is prepares the urethra for semen. It neutralizes any traces of urine, so that the sperm are comfortable on their way to the vagina, or wherever they are destined for. The other thing it does is to lubricate the movement of the foreskin over the glans. If you have a foreskin.

They say that sperm can occur in a guy's pre cum. I don't figure this, since it comes out before the ejaculatory fluid. Anyhow, they always told us in sex ed classes when we were teenagers to keep it away from a girl's vag, just in case. Chance would have been a fine thing.



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