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For those who think the female body is one of the finest things in creation, here is an alternative, full of clitoris, vulva and labia pictures: The clitoris website. A tasteful, non pornographic, and yet arousing website. 

If you want something a little more, well, arousing, in the shape of lesbian girl on girl sex, here's a couple of sites I thoroughly recommend. (Well, yes, because I get a few dollars if you join them, but honestly that isn't the reason I recommend them, as you will see if you pay a visit.)

The line between porn and "nice" sexual imagery is not, in my view, a fine one. It's very clear. I'd define porn as something that contained an element of abuse, whether verbal, imagery, written or implied; it hardly seems appropriate to describe websites showing loving couples enjoying sex as something obscene - surely these images are actually to be celebrated?

Classy and artistic sex photography can be a difficult act to pull off, if you'll excuse the expression! But Michelle-7 erotica has done it, and produced some fine imagery in both color and black and white which is explicit, and artistic at the same time. It's also undeniably arousing - and there's something for everyone. There are some deep themes to the pictures, which exemplify the relationships between men and women that come out of sex. Michelle 7 Art Nudes


The really good news is that they also have some of the best erotic art as well: sexy, subtle, scintillating and simply so damn' sexy you'll have your pants off in no time.

Michelle 7 erotica

Finally, for those readers - or their female partners - who tingle at the sensuous nature of two women getting it together, here's a site to be considered for your pleasure. Sapphic erotica.


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