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Masturbating your man - some ideas.

1 Apply lots of lube such as Probe, Astroglide or Sex Grease (yes, that's a real product!) to both hands. Loop the fingers and thumb of one hand around the base of the shaft of his penis so that your fingers and thumb encircle it.

Move your fingers up to the head of his penis in a single continuous motion, and when you get to the top, move the palm of your hand over the head of his penis in a sweeping motion, so that the soft flesh of your palm circles and sweeps over every part of his glans.

Then run your fingers and thumbs back down his shaft and repeat the whole motion. The sensation he gets when you move your palm over his glans is exquisite.

Video - pleasuring a man


2 Lube your hands, then intertwine your fingers as if you were clasping your hands. Bring your thumbs together, leaving a gap between fingers and thumbs large enough for his penis.

Then run your intertwined fingers up and down his shaft, perhaps making a series of circular, twisting, side-to-side movements, rotating your hands at the wrists, when you get to his glans.

The pressure from the way in which your hands completely envelope his penis probably means he will ejaculate quite quickly! 

3 To get him erect, if he isn't already, lube up your hands and then loop the fingers and thumb of one hand around the base of his shaft, so that you form a kind of tube around his penis.

Then slide your fingers up his shaft to his coronal ridge, pulling slightly as you go.

Don't go over the head of his penis. This is a classic "hand job" move which men often use in the early stages of masturbation to help themselves become fully erect.

You can play with his balls with your other hand to give an extra dimension to the sensations he enjoys as you masturbate his penis.

4 Keep one hand firmly around the base of his penis, perhaps holding his erection out, away from his body, while you circle the lubricated fingers and thumb of your other hand around his penile shaft, running them up and down the full length of his penis.

Alternatively, hold the base of his penis in one hand while you run the palm of your other hand over his glans in a twisting, circular motion.

5 Put your well-lubricated palms at right angles to each other and place his penis between them. Run your hands up and down his shaft. You can adjust both the length of your stroke and the speed with which you move your hands to make this either a hard and fast hand job or a slow, luxurious journey to orgasm.

6 As a variation on technique 5 above, put your hands together as though you were praying, and, with well-lubed palms, move your hands up and down his shaft. 

7 Masturbating between your breasts.

If you want a laugh, watch this...

All men (at least I'd imagine so: I haven't really researched the question) enjoy the soft, warm and extremely erotic sensations of having their penis enclosed between a woman's breasts. To be masturbated to orgasm in this way is something akin to being in heaven! 

Listen up ladies! We know women want to give pleasure to their men, and one of the easiest ways to give him this pleasure is to kneel in front of him so that his penis is level with your chest and then to let him thrust between your breasts as you hold them together so that they encircle his penis.

Lube is helpful in making your skin slippery enough for him to move easily; if you don't have any commercially-produced lube handy, saliva is an excellent substitute.

This is one pleasure that he'll really thank you for: most men find it just too erotic to thrust for any length of time before they come.

The experience encapsulates the erotic sensations of masturbation in a vagina-substitute made from the second most exciting part of your body (or the third, depending on his preferences - see below for more details) - and it's a wonderful gift to offer a man.  

8 Masturbation between your buttocks.

You may be ahead of me here. Whether he prefers your buttocks or your breasts, he'll still love the experience of sliding his penis between the cheeks of your bottom while holding you from behind. (Or, indeed, in any other position you can think up.) He'll enjoy reaching orgasm even more.

And if he - or you is into pegging (anal stimulation of the man by the woman) check this out.

9 Find out how he likes his penis touched and stimulated

Men prefer a firmer touch to the penis than women do to the clitoris - so find out how he would like you to touch him.

This doesn't mean you have to be firm and grasp his penis hard all the time, but especially as he gets near orgasm, he'll want you to apply a fair amount of pressure to his penis.

When you're sucking his penis, make sure he's enjoying it - you might want to try different movements of your tongue and lips to see what excites him the most.

And when you have sex, don't lie there dormant - find out what pelvic movements you can make to excite him - even in the missionary position, you can press back against him.

10 Besides his penis, stimulate his balls, perineum, nipples and anus - and all the rest of his body (including his prostate!)

Video on prostate massage

Don't just focus on his penis. Men like to be touched all over their bodies - even if they don't know it yet. An especially good move is to massage his anus as he comes.

His perineum - between the root of his penis and his anus - is also very sensitive, and can give him a lot of pleasure if you lick or massage it.

11 Encourage him to find out how to extend the duration of sex and last in bed.

A man often is satisfied with the power of his ejaculation even when he comes too soon. By encouraging him to learn methods of ejaculation control, and look at techniques that will help him last longer in bed, you can only help him to be a better lover for you and a man who will have more sexual self-confidence and self-respect both in and out of the bedroom.

12 If you need some relationship tips, check this out.

It's all about the techniques which allow a man to seduce a woman using NLP, body language and self confidence boosting techniques that play straight into a woman's subconscious.

 In fact, it's almost like a direct route to a woman's emotional centre! Although the techniques were developed by the Pick Up Artist community, they are just as useful for men already in relationship: - it could transform your life.

Some general points about masturbation and intercourse from a man's point of view.

What makes sex - by which I mean the act of penetrating a woman's body - special for a man, at least from the physical point of view, is the feeling of warmth, the slippery wetness, and the tight warmth all around his penis.

It follows, therefore, that the more you can introduce warmth, tightness and wetness into these masturbation techniques, the more he will enjoy them. 

A combination of a long upward stroke and a twist over his glans or coronal ridge will offer the most stimulation for your guy. However, some men have a very sensitive glans indeed, and they may not be able to bear too much pressure on the glans.

If your man's intact, that is to say uncircumcised, then you may be able to move his foreskin back and forth over his glans as you masturbate him, so that the soft mucus membrane of his inner foreskin is in contact with his glans - this is probably how he masturbates himself. (If you're in any doubt, ask him to show you!)

If he is circumcised, then you need to use lube or check with him what's comfortable or not. Hopefully he'll tell you anyway, but it's always a good idea to ask him, just to give him the opportunity to point out how you could improve the experience for him.

Whether you go to orgasm or not depends on what you and he want to achieve. Masturbation can be an end in itself, or a prelude to fellatio (oral sex) or intercourse.

It should last for as long as you are both enjoying the experience or until you want to move onto something else.

Men will often regard it as a highly enjoyable form of foreplay prior to intercourse, so if you would prefer to pleasure him this way rather than by having full sex, its best to let him know this before you start!

Lastly, because he will lose interest in sex after he has come, it's best if you make love before he has his orgasm. To stimulate and keep his interest high, it's a good idea to try lots of different sex positions. This can also help if you or your man has delayed ejaculation.

(That's the inability to ejaculate during intercourse - it's also called retarded ejaculation. Try sex toys and dressing up or acting out fantasy, all of which can increase arousal and enhance a man's ability to ejaculate.)

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