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If you're a woman you've probably wondered why your man is so obsessed with the penis in his pants. Well, wonder no longer! We can tell you exactly why men are so penis-centered!

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Penis size
How big is your penis? Are you small, average or large? Would you like to know how you compare to the rest of mankind? Check it out here!
The best positions
Ways to make your love life more fun with many new ways to enjoy the familiar positions hundreds of new ones! New! Videos!

Best Sex Position Videos

Foreskin restoration

If you lost your foreskin through circumcision and wondered what it would be like to have one, you should know that you don't have to wonder any longer!

If you don't know what you have been missing, here is your chance to discover the benefits of having a protective foreskin.

That is because you can regain your foreskin through non-surgical foreskin restoration.

While I now enjoy the benefits of a restored foreskin, it was quite a shock to me the day I found out what damage my normal "successful" circumcision had done. Continued here.....

Easier relationships

There are many programs available to help with relationship issues. For example, women who wish to have a man fall in love with them may like which has more specific advice on how to make a man love you here.

Testosterone Replacement and Ageing

As you will be only too aware, if you are a man over 45 or so, the male body changes as it ages.

The fat around your abdomen increases, muscle mass decreases, the penis becomes less susceptible to getting erect, both bidden and unbidden.

There is a loss of libido, and a depressingly high chance of erectile dysfunction.

Men in mid life also run the risk of experiencing depression and heart disease, high cholesterol and aches and pains.

It's not good enough for doctors to point out that these symptoms are just the product of natural aging. The truth is, the penis does not get erect as often as it did, and it may actually shrink in size.

Such an aging process is not good for men's health, it's not good for men's self-esteem, and it's not good for men's relationships when they have a penis that refuses to get erect! Continued here....

A word about Delayed Ejaculation

All too often, men with a sexual problem such as the inability to ejaculate during intercourse find themselves suffering in silence, unable to ask for support for fear of shame or embarrassment.

Yet male sexual dysfunction is far from unusual. Even more surprisingly, one man in twelve or so has the more unusual problem of not being able to ejaculate during sex - a condition also known as delayed ejaculation or male orgasmic disorder.

Women who have a male partner with delayed ejaculation will be pleased to hear that we have a page designed specifically to solve this problem.


Find out how you can manifest anything successfully. The Law of Attraction has received a lot of publicity recently, but not many people seem to have success with manifestation. Some knowledge of manifestation can really help you to understand the process of changing your reality .... continued here.

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Women - want to know about pleasing a man in bed?

We have found an excellent site which will help you please an y man in bed, anytime, anywhere. Whether you're an experienced lover, or a novice, you'll find all the secrets of making a man happy in bed here. If you aren't sure how to pleasure a man in bed, this is the site you simply must see!

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